Table Tops

Northshore Glazing & Mirror is a great source for table tops. If you are in the market for a thicker glass we can assist you in your choice.  All glass thicker than 1/4" is ordered through our manufacturers.  Lead time can be as short as 3-5 days for simple rectangles.  Additional time is required for patterns, beveling or unusual edgework.  Northshore Glazing & Mirror will accept phone orders and produce the glass on a same day or next day basis.  We supply the clear glass wafers that are needed to separate the furniture from the protective glass.


Tempering is generally not recommended for interior table tops (it is required by code for outdoor tables).  The tempering process may warp and distort the smoothness of the glass surface.  If tempered glass does break it will shatter into tiny pieces and vacate the space it occupied (not a pretty site at Thanksgiving dinner).  While tempered glass is stronger than un-tempered glass, the tempered glass is actually easier to break if impacted on its edge.  Also, normal warpage from tempering could cause a top to sit unevenly on its base.  Similarly, we do not recommend tempering for shelving because of its vulnerability to breakage along its edge and its tendency to vacate the opening, dropping its contents on the shelf below, possibly breaking it too.



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