Mirror quality glass is only made in 1/4" thickness, so using any other thickness insures that you won’t get the best quality possible.  However, not all 1/4" mirror is made from mirror quality glass!  Mirror quality glass is available in sizes up to and including 60" x 120".  Requesting sizes larger than that insure that you will not get the best possible quality in your mirror.  The tradeoff is that you may find minor allowable defects in the “jumbo” sized mirror that generally aren’t found in smaller mirror quality pieces.

Northshore Glazing & Mirror also carries 1/8" clear mirror in stock in sizes up to 48" X 96".  Subsequently we can make repairs to mirrored wardrobe doors in a very short time.  1/8" mirror is also excellent for use inside furniture and cabinets due to its lighter weight.

CAUTION: Mirror is made with real silver which will tarnish if it comes in contact with harsh cleaning products, such as ammonia.  Most glass cleaners contain ammonia and should not be used on your mirrors (doing so will void your warranty).  Use of ammoniated cleaners is a leading cause of “black edge”.  Northshore Glazing & Mirror carries its own brand of non-ammoniated glass cleaner, available in spray bottle or gallon refill. 

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