Is Northshore Glazing & Mirror, Co. Bonded?
All licensed contractors are required by the State of Illinois to maintain a “contractors bond” , so yes we are “bonded”
What should i look for in a glass & mirror company ?

1)  Is the company licensed to operate in Illinois - check State website to verify

2)  What is their primary specialty?  Commercial work, tracts or custom residential?

3)  How experienced are the installers and is that experience in the area that I’m seeking (residential vs. commercial)

4)  Check BBB to see if there are any complaints outstanding

What should i look for in a glass & mirror company ?

Good mirror is a combination of several factors. 

1)  The quality of the glass   

2)  The amount of silver   

3)  The type of chemical layers on the back of the mirror   

4)  The paint thickness on the back which protects the silver.

Why does glass appear green?
The greenish cast on glass tops comes from the minerals used in the manufacturing process. This is typical of all glass tops in the furniture industry, and is known as clear glass.
How should i clean my mirrors?
Mirrors are made with real silver and silver will tarnish.  This tarnishing action is the cause of “black edge”.  To minimize harm to the silver in your mirror it is essential to use a cleaner that does NOT have ammonia or vinegar.  Both of those common cleaning agents will accelerate silver tarnish and ruin your mirror.  Most all glass shops will void your warranty if you use a cleaner with either ingredient.  Sprayway is another excellent mirror and glass cleaner.  Sprayway cleaner is sold at Costco and many local glass shops carry it as well.  Regardless of the cleaner it is recommended that you apply the cleaner directly to your cloth rather than spray it on the mirror.  This will minimize overspray. 
Do you carry frameless shower enclosures?
Yes, but lets clarify what you mean by “frameless”.  The term originated in the 60's with the introduction of tempered glass doors which no longer needed the metal perimeter.  They were introduced as tub bypasses and quickly spread to hinged and pivot doors.  These doors still have an aluminum perimeter which allows them to create the seal that keeps water from escaping.  In the last ten years the “heavy glass door” has emerged and some call it “frameless”, causing the confusion.  This door was originally designed for a large enclosure, in which water would never reach the door.  Its’ primary function was to keep hot air from escaping.  Since there is no perimeter it WILL leak!.  When asking about a “frameless door” be sure to be specific!
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